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I'm the proud owner of Dodging Balls and my name is Bernard Green. Many people do not age as gracefully as they would have loved all due to common fitness mistakes. In our fitness center, we guide our clients step by step through customized diet plans and fitness programs. All we require is your commitment and time. 

Age gracefully

You age in a great way with less health issues

Strong muscles

You are strong even ...


You do not have to ...


Cardio Guidelines for Senior Exercisers

Regular cardio exercise is important for any age group, but older ...

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Challenge Yourself with these Push Up Variations

Still beginning to get the hang of mastering the push up? If you ...

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What People Say

I am way above 40 and I have seen how different people age. My desire is to age gracefully in optimum shape. I knew that with a good training program and a diet plan, this would be possible. I signed up with Dodging Balls where I have been training my muscles and feeding them properly. I am already amazed by the progress. "

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